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Missouri Storm Shelters

Storm Shelters in Missouri


Rethink Storm Shelters is a trusted storm shelter company that serves Arkansas & South Missouri. The Joplin tornado of 2011 was the deadliest tornado in the US since 1925! That single event has caused many people all over the country to RETHINK their decision to have a storm shelter in their home. Storm shelters in Missouri save lives! Rethink Storm Shelters provides quality garage storm shelters and safe rooms to Missouri including the Bootheel & Southeast Missouri (Cape Girardeau, Sikeston & Poplar Bluff) and Southwest Missouri (Springfield, Nixa, Joplin, Carthage). 


In Ground Garage Storm Shelters

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One of the safest places to be during a tornado is underground. Our in ground storm shelters are unique because they can be installed in your garage and don’t require the use of valuable square footage.Convenience is key when it comes to storm safety. Our in ground storm shelters are very convenient because you don't have to leave the safety of your home in order to seek shelter. Your vehicle can be parked safely over the storm shelter, still allowing you access when needed. Installation normally only takes about one day. The concrete is removed, dirt excavated, storm shelter placed & the hole is back filled with concrete. This space saving design allows you to stay out of the weather and out of harms way.

We offer four different sizes for our in ground storm shelters. In ground models can be installed in existing homes in gargages and in new construction.




Safe Rooms 

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When it comes to safety above ground, we offer the strongest and heavest unit around. Our safe rooms are constructed of 1/4″ steel plate, over 100′ of structural C channel, over 60′ of structural steel angle and they weigh over 2,500lbs.

The vault like doors open to the interier to prevent entrapment. The units are anchored to the concrete slab with fifteen 5/8″ hardened carbon steel anchor bolts with zinc plating. The design is complete with three air vents to create natural air flow. Safe rooms are perfect for people who are handicaped or the elderly because of their easy access.

We have several sizes to choose from. Our safe rooms can also be installed in new construction or existing homes in garages, carports, patios or yards.

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Rethink Storm Shelters is a BBB Accredited Storm Shelter in Jonesboro, AR